“Marketers are beginning to realize that they can’t provide consistent, personalized experiences to their customers without understanding how their customers experience their brand across all of their customer touch points. In response, platform vendors are rapidly developing ways for web content management (WCM), analytics, customer relationship management (CRM), and marketing automation (MA) tools to work together to collect, measure and analyze customer insights. These solutions provide the sales, marketing and communication teams with the information they need to create the best possible digital experiences and ultimately better gauge and perfect the quality of the customer experiences they provide.

Two Major Payoffs

For large enterprises, getting a unified view of how customers perceive and interact with the brand across all digital touch points; i.e., managing the holistic customer experience, can be a challenge, but worth the effort. Where’s the payoff? There are two pretty significant ones that enterprises should note:

Streamlined Targeting: Knowing which customer segment is interested in what product and service on which digital channel can significantly streamline how you target these audiences. In our experience, through personalization, companies can see increases of as much as 67% in direct conversions and 33% in cross-selling and up-selling. Optimized Marketing Mix: Measuring search and browsing behavior — and asking your customers questions about their experience — can guide content and community development activities. This allows interactive marketers to establish the best channels to reach different audiences, based on what task users want to accomplish on a given channel. As a result, marketers can tailor frequency and message by channel and commit resources to the most valuable channels first. Companies with call centers can reduce cost by using the information collected on their digital channels to strategically provide needed information online and reduce call center volume.”

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